Nowadays, knowledge of a foreign language - is the standard for active and purposeful people. If you are fluent in a foreign language, it greatly increases your chances in life. Knowledge of one or even several foreign languages ​​- is the key to a successful career, effective communication and a pleasant stay. Foreign language in our time is not a luxury, but rather an absolute necessity. Of course, learning a language is very difficult. But all in our world is possible, the main thing - it is a strong desire and a belief in their own strength. As the English proverb: "When there is a will, there is a way". Knowledge of a foreign language - is the pride, confidence, support, and self - affirmation. Learn a foreign language, and your world will be brighter.


Our Profile-

Though young, we have gained the reputation of being a dedicated and hard working professionals and established ourselves as a trusted coaching center.

Our strategy is based on four main principles:

-Quality training.

-Modern methods.

-Individual approach.

-Reasonable prices.

We provide in our center free of cost consultations, on training; pass the test level and trial lesson.




For adults and children from 3 years.

-Individual lessons

-Lessons in small groups

-Preparation for international exams

-Corporate language training

-Technical languages

-Speaking club with native speakers

-Summer course for children


-School Subjects ( mathematics; russian language; phisics; chemistry)

Level System

Common European Framework


Cambridge ESOL Examination



IH Level




7.5 – 9.0






6.5 – 7.0

92 - 112








5.5 – 6.0

63 - 92

Upper - intermediate






4.5 – 5.0

3.5 – 4.0

43 – 62

32 – 42


Pre - intermediate










YLE (starter)





Training  Courses-

English courses-

The main directions of teaching English:
- Learning English from scratch.
- Development of existing communicative skills.
- Improving the existing knowledge acquired at school or university, preparation for the exam in English.
- Preparation for international exams in English (TOEFL, IELTS, ILEC and other)

German courses-

The main directions of the German language:
- The study of the German language from scratch
- The development of conversational skills
- Preparation for the exams in German language.

French language courses-

The main directions of study French language:
- The study of the French language from scratch
- Development of basic conversational skills in order to travel to Europe
- Preparing for exams in French

Spanish Courses-

The main directions of study Spanish:
- Learning Spanish from scratch
- Spanish course for travelling.
- Preparation for Spanish language exams

Italian Language Courses-

The main directions of study Italian language:
- The study of the Italian language from scratch
- Italian language course for travelling.
- Preparation for the Italian language exams

Chinese Language-

The main directions of study Chinese language:
- The study of the Chinese language from scratch
- Chinese language course for travelling.

Persian language-

The main directions of study Persian language:
- Learning of Persian language from scratch
- Persian for everyone.


-Professional and qualified teachers

-Individual approach

-Intensive course

-Level system course

-Individual training and in small groups.

-Speaking club with native speakers.

-Improvement of all language skills: listening, writing, reading, speaking.

-All classrooms are tooled with audio-video equipment.

If your goal:

-Foreign language;

-Ability to communicate fluently in the foreign language;

-Read foreign literature;

-Watch movies without translation;

-Career in foreign companies;

-Study abroad;

-Emigrate to other countries;

- Holiday trip to any country without an interpreter;

-Business trip;

-Success in examinations

We will be glad to see you in our center!


Individual lessons:
English language:
individual lessons - 55 min. - 550 rubles.
Individual - 90 min. - 800 rubles.
Intensive Course - 55 min. - 750 rubles.
Business Course - 55 min - 800 rubles.

Training in groups:
3 times a week - 55 min. - 2800 per person per month
2 times a week - 55 min. - 2200 per personper month

Exam Preparation:

Preparation for the State examination ; - 55 min. - 700 rubles.
Preparation for IELTS; TOEFL - 55 min. - 850 rubles.

Europien and other languages:
individual lessons - 55 min. - 600 rubles.
Individual - 90 min. - 900 rubles.

Training in groups:
3 times a week - 55 min. - 3500 per person per month
2 times a week - 55 min. - 2600 per personper month
Special Subjects:

Individual lessons:
Russian Language - 55 min - 550 rubles\lesson
Mathimatics - 55 min - 650 rubles\lesson
Physics - 55 min - 650 rubles\lesson
Chemistry - 55 min - 600 rubles\lesson

Training in groups:
2 times a week - 55 min - 3000rubles\month

Оur team:

Irina Tarasova

Аdministrator, Тeacher of Еnglish.


-              Kazakh State University of International Affairs and World Languages. Speciality: teacher of two foreign languages and literature at higher education establishments;

-              Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Affairs. Seciality: Finance;

-              Centre of Youth Training. Speciality: teacher-governess.

Working experience: 11 years.

Irina treats each child with care and consideration, professionally organizing the teaching process.

Irina about her work: “Our centre of studying foreign languages is a whole world of discoveries, talented people and exciting achievements. Each day of my work at TopClass is a movement forward”

Christina Belovol

Christina works in our center as a teacher of English and

German, graduated from the Kuban State University.

Speciality: philologist, teacher of two foreign languages. She has

a degree of a Master of foreign philology.

Teaching experience - 5 years.

Christina about her work: "Training in our center receives appreciation not only on behalf of adults, but also children. Lessons are characterized by high effectiveness and positive dynamics, as our teachers give classes in a friendly language atmosphere, finding an individual approach to each student".

Tamara Barsegyan

Tamara works in our center as a teacher of the English and French languages.

Education: Kuban State University.  Speciality: philologist, teacher of two foreign languages. Second higher education: Master of Philology. Teaching experience - 5 years.

Tamara about her work: "Working for TopClass for me is an opportunity to reveal my abilities, to show my professional skills in training; and the comfortable conditions created in the center encourage productive work and provide good mood!"

Julia Panchenko

Julia has been working in our centre since 2014. She graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. Speciality: linguist, teacher of foreign languages. She has lived in Italy for a long time. Working experience: 12 years.

Julia about her work: “My interest in learning foreign languages appeared when I was a child. The most important thing for me is to inculcate love for a language and culture in a child and make the process of learning both educative and exciting”.

Daria Shnyreva

Work as a teacher of English.

Education: Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

Speciality: Linguistics Teacher of foreign languages.

Daria about her work: ‘’ For me, working at TopClass is a great opportunity to use my knowledge on practice with students, to share knowledge with them.’’

Marchanko Ekaterina

Ekaterina works as a teacher of Spanish.

Education: Kuban State University.  Speciality: Regional Studies

She has spent a summer in Spain twice, where she had an opportunity to communicate with native speakers and got to know Spanish culture.

Ekaterina about her work: “Working for Top Class is the possibility to share my knowledge. I like Spanish language and I’d like to help people in studying Spanish. I enjoy watching my students use their knowledge in practice”.

Ivanova Irina

Irina works as a teacher of Italian and English.

Education: Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. Speciality: linguist, teacher of foreign languages.

She speaks English, Italian, French and Arabian languages.

Working experience: 14 years.

Irina about herself: “A foreign language for me is a great opportunity to get to know the world. The most important to me at work – to watch a progress of my students”

Melnichenko Olga

Administrator, English teacher.

Education: The Kuban State University, the faculty of foreign languages. Qualification: philologist, teacher of two languages. Second higher education: master of journalism.

Working experience: 5 years.

To work with students is a pleasure. To see their progress and success is a real joy. In our centre Topclass there is a grate deal of reasons for joy and pleasure.

Yuzbasheva Daria Petrovna

English teacher

Kuban State University, Romano-Germanic philology. Department of modern Greek and English languages.
Pedagogical experience: a techer of English  - 8 years.
"When I'm teaching, I try to discover the potential of each student, to show the diversity and beauty of English and of course the necessity of knowledge of foreign languages in modern life".

Daria Goriainova

Education: The Kuban State University (KUBSU) 2009 – 2014.  The Faculty of Modern Languages.

About myself: I started my way to teaching when a schoolgirl. Being a student of the Faculty of Modern Languages, I applied my language skills working as an interpreter at sports competitions, helped foreign students at my Alma Mater. I am a responsible teacher as I know that my work influences my students’ future. I enjoy seeing my students understand that learning to communicate in English is an achievable goal. Dear friends, go on learning and I am going to help you!

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